Pre-Registered Steps

So now that you know a little more about pre-registered cars – that is to say what they are, where to buy them, why they are regularly available at different dealerships and what they offer in terms of benefits to you as a UK motorist – you are probably wondering about the details with regards to the process of going about getting one for yourself.

There is essentially no right or wrong way of purchasing a pre-registered vehicle, but there is no doubting that you can make mistakes if you don’t carry out the appropriate research. As a result we have put together some of the steps to take on your way to finding the perfect pre-registered car for you.

What Do You Want

Before anything else you need to decide on the type of vehicle it is that you want. To do this you will have to assess your own individual needs – what do you actually need the car to do? If you’re finding you don’t really need all the space in your second hand Volkswagen Golf then possibly a city car would do, a Fiat 500 or Ford KA.

On the contrary, you may be in a situation where the vehicle you currently drive isn’t cutting it – the kids are constantly complaining about the lack of room and you can barely get up to 70mph when you’re out on the motorway. An estate car such as the Ford Mondeo might be the order of the day if this is the case.

Wait Till The Right Time

A huge part of pre-registered car buying comes down to timing it correctly. Firstly you want to start looking just as new registrations begin to be released – in the UK this is generally around the start or the middle of the year, as new plates are released every six months. The reason for this is as follows: let’s say that it is a Hyundai Getz that you are looking for. When new Hyundai Getz registrations come out a car dealer will receive an inventory of new stock, but undoubtedly still have stock left over from the previous registration. People buying new cars will want the new registration plates, which means dealers are more than prepared to give sizeable discounts on their left over stock – even though these are essentially still new cars.

Barter, Haggle, Negotiate

When you actually find a pre-registered car that you want, be sure to haggle as much as you can – never accept the first price you are quoted. Dealers are always prepared to offer discounts on these models and you will be surprised at how much you can save with a little bartering.