Pre-Registered Vehicles

Pre-registered cars are worth considering for any buyer looking for a good price on a pretty much new car (they are technically second hand cars but we will go into that later). Pre-registered cars receive a huge discount because essentially, the first actual buyer is the second registered owner. The discount can be as high a 30% which is obviously very attractive as the car is still pretty much brand new and will only have the delivery miles on it.

All of the major manufacturers offer pre-registered vehicles, don't be too quick to assume that because you've not heard about these vehicles before that they will only be offered as cars that you're not interested in. Ford, Dacia, Jeep, Kia, Lotus, Infiniti etc.

Seems too good to be true right? Well as most things which seem too good to be true you should treat any pre-registered car deal with much scrutiny, in an attempt to make sure that your dealer is using legitimate sales methods throughout and isn’t trying to pull a fast one on the manufacturer, as you could end up feeling the repercussions as well as the unscrupulous dealer, not something you want!

Do not be put off by the chance of unscrupulous dealers however, for there are usually some pretty clear signs that something dodgy is going on, and usually, if these signs are not apparent you are completely safe with your discounted purchase. There are also trusted websites which allow people to pick up pre-registered in a safe way.

Some pre-registered cars will have next to no miles on them, and will be brand new in terms of user history, on the other hand, some pre registered vehicles will have been used as demo vehicles or test cars so check the mileage and look for any signs of wear and tear, if this indicates that the car was a test car, it probably was, and you could be looking at further reduced prices as the dealer will have to sell it at ex-demo prices.